Valentine Decor

We make some small changes to the decor around the house as the seasons come and go (wait, is Valentines day a season?). We also make some changes to the decor to celebrate the DAYS that have some more meaning… Read More

All you need is love….

Baaaaeee-beeeee….Sorry. Do you decorate for Valentines Day? We make some small changes around the house, a few printables here, some fun ceramic owls there (haha), a fireplace mantle that screams love & Cupid. Ok, so we like (and again by… Read More

Coffee Table DIY

Remember WAYYY back in the day (like 2012/2013) when all you could see on Pinterest were awesome coffee tables that looked like this: 1 // 2 It showed everything from low ones to high ones, skinny to large, pedestal to… Read More