Vanilla Coffee Scrub

Nothing kick starts a morning like the smell of fresh coffee, am I right or am I right? I always thought the best part was sipping that smokin’ hot cup, BUT I’ve recently discovered that the best thing is the… Read More

15 Pallet Project Ideas

Ever look at something online or in a store and think “I can totally make that”? Unfortunately for the loving bf this thought crosses my mind quite frequently. It also happens in reverse – meaning, when I see abandoned pallets anywhere… Read More

DIY Kid’s Art Display

So this happened this weekend. My middle child loves being two things: mischevious & crafty. He’s always up for a project and loves to color and paint and just make things. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that when he entered… Read More

Valentine Mantel

I finally finished my Valentines mantel, Holla!!(insert Missy Elliot voice). Speaking of which, how freaking AWESOME was it that Missy Elliot was part of the halftime show for the Superbowl?! I still can’t get over it! Anyhow, here it is! This… Read More

DIY Paper Arrows

One of the main decor items I use when it comes to decorating our mantle are 3 wide mouth glass jars/jugs that I picked up at Wal Mart awhile ago. They are 3 different sizes & super versatile. I’m able… Read More