Perfect Summer Mojito

Recently I shared this beauty of a photo on Instagram.  Two words. Mojito Mint. Everytime you brush by it the aroma is unreal, it smells so sweet & minty & refreshing. Now to be honest I’ve only ever bought mint to… Read More

Rolo Pretzel Bites 

December is a month of celebration, it’s full of friend get together’s, family suppers, work events and CHRISTMAS! If you’re like me then you like to bring a little something something to each gathering….and I’m not talking the too much… Read More

Fudge-y Brownies in a Jar

I love brownies. Well, baked goods in general if we’re being honest with each other. I tend to go Christmas baking crazy and bake up a storm of sweets & treats to bring to our various gatherings. There’s nothing like a… Read More

Saskatoon Berry Cobbler

So, apparently this is becoming a foodie blog. Just kidding, I’m just on a baking kick right now! Ever go through those? They don’t last long, but holy Hannah are they ever productive!  Over the weekend we picked some insanely… Read More