DIY Kid’s Art Display

So this happened this weekend. My middle child loves being two things: mischevious & crafty. He’s always up for a project and loves to color and paint and just make things. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that when he entered… Read More

DIY Feather String Art

I love owls. White ceramic owls mostly. I loved owls before owls were trending. It’s odd really, growing up my aunt and uncle had a stuffed owl (taxidermy stuffed, not plushy cute stuffed) and it was perched on a shelf overlooking… Read More

So Flipp’in great!

Flyers, I love to hate them. Everyone loves a good deal right? How many of you actually sit down and flip through your flyers on the weekly? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Enter Flipp – the handy FREE flyer app.… Read More