Fab Finds

Every fall and spring I get shipped off to either Saskatoon or Regina to ‘refine’ my work skills. These past couple of days I lucked out with going to Regina. And by lucked out I mean “I got to go… Read More

Fabric Flowers

Netflix is going to be the death of me. I mean, I’ve already watched season 3 of “Suits” (Helloooooooo Harvey!) so why do I feel that once the kids are in bed I have to binge watch it again? The… Read More

Arrow Necklace Holder

If you’re like me you probably own necklaces. Long, short, pendant, chunky, I’m guessing you have a few of each! What do you do with them all though? You search for ideas on how to make an inexpensive necklace holder,… Read More

Vanilla Coffee Scrub

Nothing kick starts a morning like the smell of fresh coffee, am I right or am I right? I always thought the best part was sipping that smokin’ hot cup, BUT I’ve recently discovered that the best thing is the… Read More

15 Pallet Project Ideas

Ever look at something online or in a store and think “I can totally make that”? Unfortunately for the loving bf this thought crosses my mind quite frequently. It also happens in reverse – meaning, when I see abandoned pallets anywhere… Read More