Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Well we made it to Friday! No missed busses, no forgotten lunches, no tears, it’s good to be Friday! SO, remember when I mentioned that we were finishing up the bathroom in our basement? Well it’s slow going, but we’re… Read More

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Pallets. They’re everywhere and you can pretty much make anything with them! I had a couple just chillin’ by themselves, waiting to be used for the longest time. Eric was getting tired of looking at them, I was procrastinating any… Read More

A Bathroom Story

It’ll be 3 years this coming October that we’ve lived in our house. It was built in 2005 and everything was finished save for the ceiling and bathroom in the basement. Easy enough projects right? They were very quickly put… Read More

Light it up 

Most days I feel like I’m a fearless DIY’er. Today is one of those days. I managed to change a light fixture without shorting anything out or burning anything down. This is HUGE people, I normally shy away from things… Read More