No Sew Curtain Hem

Well, I’m probably going to jinx the weather by saying this BUT….THE SNOW IS GONE! Spring is definitely in the air and I couldn’t be happier. Tulips are in the supermarkets, there’s that distinct damp yet fresh smell in the… Read More

DIY Himmeli Decor

Hello lovelies! I’m so exited to be sharing this awesome Himmeli decor craft with you today. The best part about it? It only took 30 minutes to make! Hard to believe, but totally true. I’ve really been loving the geometric… Read More

DIY Display Board

Fall is in full swing, the leaves have turned and they are slowly making their way off the branches and onto the lawn. I love and dislike it all at the same time. Love the sound and smell of crunchy… Read More

Adding a Bathroom

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned our never-ending bathroom project before. Not the half bath I just finished repainting, but the bathroom in our basement that was non-existent. A shell of where a bathroom should be. A blank slate. Oh… Read More