Irish Blessing Printable

March is my birthday month, yes, I said it. BIRTHDAY. MONTH. No shame in wanting the whole month dedicated to yourself right? I feel that because I turn 30 this year I’ve earned it a month to celebrate, ha! If only St. Patrick’s day didn’t always steal my birthday month thunder. The day where green everything reigns & all us non-irish peeps secretly wished we were a little bit Irish in order to justify the love of green beer, pots of gold, and tiny little leprechaun’s.

Or maybe that’s just me.

What better way to get in the spirit then to have an Irish Blessing hanging in your home? Don’t have one? Well hey, I’ve got one – actually TWO (!) for you. St. Patty's

Click to download your 8×10 here


Click to download your scripted 8×10 here

Print off the one you love & may the luck of the Irish be on your side 😉


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