Valentine Decor

We make some small changes to the decor around the house as the seasons come and go (wait, is Valentines day a season?). We also make some changes to the decor to celebrate the DAYS that have some more meaning than others. Queue cupid and his heart tipped arrows.

I’m not the hugest fan of Valentines day, it’s just another day. We’re lucky if I can whip up some heart shaped pancakes…..for supper. Maybe this year I’ll add a drop of red food coloring in the mix, who can resist pink pancakes? Now that we’ve established that we eat pancakes on Valentines Day, here’s how we spruce up our home!

IMG_1507-0.JPG IMG_1500-0.JPG IMG_1499.JPG IMG_1481.JPG

Here’s our mantel, I took what I had on hand and make a few adjustments to fit what I was looking for. An old Mason jar found at my grandpa’s painted with some craft paint, hoot and hootie (lame, I know) a pic of Carter that I had taken last Valentine’s Day and a topiary I made a few years ago with some styrofoam balls and candy hearts. Keep in mind if you are making the topiary, buy double the candy. You’ll eat half before the project is done. Serious.

IMG_1491-0.JPG IMG_1492-0.JPG IMG_1505-0.JPG IMG_1493-0.JPG
We found this old window at a garage sale for either $2 or $5. It was one of those lake garage sale finds – we really cleaned house that day! Anyway, cleaned it up a bit and it now hangs on the wall in the living and is another little mantel that gets a facelift. If you haven’t already noticed I’m into monograms and especially the R monogram. I used some card stock and washi tape to jazz this R up, added stony the owl, a frame with some card stock and heart embellishments & some bunting. Last minute I added the pic of Tuck also taken last year. Those damn eyelashes, how is it fair to the girls of the world?!

IMG_1509-0.JPG IMG_1510-0.JPG IMG_1513-0.JPG
To round it off, a new printable on the gallery wall & some new chalk art on the pantry door. Keep and simple & feel the love!

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